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Holidays in Term Time

Most parents are aware that Bowerhill School does not authorise holidays for staff or pupils during term time. Schools are rightly accountable for the progress of every child and need to teach them as much as possible in the time we have. If a week out of school didn’t affect a child’s education, we would surely wonder what they do at school! We are often reminded about the generous length of school holidays and consider that there is enough choice of time away from school to suit most families.


There are sometimes exceptional circumstances when a family may need to take a holiday in term time. For example, some armed forces employees are given their holidays, rather than being able to choose. Providing sufficient evidence is forthcoming, the school may be able to make an exception to the policy.


However, when considering even these exceptional circumstances, the child’s attendance record and academic progress will be taken into account. If a child is absent without authorisation, we have to record this on the

register. If a child clocks-up a total 10 sessions (5 days) of unauthorised absence across a school year, then we have to send a report to Wiltshire Council.


As a first warning, the council may decide to issue a penalty notice – they usually do! The penalty is £60 per parent per child. To read the full policy for Holidays in Term Time, as adopted by all Melksham schools, please visit the school website, School Policies.