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Helping each other


Parents can help their children at Bowerhill School by:


Making sure they get enough sleep

Getting them up early enough to get dressed and ready for school

Providing healthy meals

Taking an interest in the things they show you

Listening to them and looking at them when they speak to you

Answering their questions

Talking about their learning

Providing toys and materials for them to play with and explore

Letting them help with jobs in the home

Controlling the amount of electronic screen time

Supervising internet use

Reading to them and listening to them read

Praising them when they do the right thing


We will help children at Bowerhill School by:


Making learning challenging and fun

Adapting the curriculum to suit the needs of all pupils

Inspiring them with an exciting and supportive learning environment

Making sure that no one is unhappy at school

Treating the children in a fair and consistent way

Promoting and maintaining good behaviour

Encouraging children to report anything that goes wrong