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School Organisation

Bowerhill Primary School opened in 1991 to cater for the residential area of Bowerhill. In 2005/6 the school was extensively re-furbished and extended to meet the needs of our growing community and the developing curriculum. The Early Years outdoor areas were extensively developed in 2014.

We organise our school in parallel classes.  We have 14 classes organised into parallel pairs - two for each year group (Reception to Year 6).  This means that your child will only be taught alongside children of his or her own age. Every teacher has a partner teacher next door. They share lesson-planning and compare assessments.

Our youngest children in the EYFS classes have their own secure and age-appropriate playground and field.

We aim for a maximum of 27 children in each class. 

Teachers in Early Years and Year 1 classes have full-time, trained Teaching Assistants to support them. This ensures an excellent pupil/teacher ratio.

In classes for older children, Teaching Assistants are provided for children who require extra learning support.

All staff undertake further training to improve their skills. It’s not just the children who are on a learning journey at Bowerhill School!



The School Day


Children may enter the classroom for table-top activities at 8.50 ready for a 9.00 start.




Key Stage 1 (R-Y2)                                   Key Stage 2 (Y3 - Y6)


9.00am - 10.30am                                     9.00am - 10.45am


Break                                                      Break


10.45am - 11.50 am                                  11.00am – 12.25 pm


Lunch                                                     Lunch    


12.50pm - 3.15pm                                    1.25pm - 3.15pm


(Key Stage 1 teachers may decide to give their children an afternoon break between 2.15 and 2.30)

                        N.B There is no break for KS1 in the afternoon on Fridays