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School Uniform



We do encourage the wearing of sensible, comfortable school clothes through our promotion of school uniform. Many parents feel that school uniform liberates them from early morning arguments about what to wear to school. We consider that clothes appropriate to learning, not leisure, help to create the right attitude to school work.


Our uniform is based around a suggested colour scheme of royal blue and grey.  The official school blue sweatshirts and cardigans with an embroidered badge may be ordered from D. J’s in Melksham, and may be worn with a white shirt, blouse or polo shirt and grey skirts or trousers. Girls can wear blue and white striped dresses in the summer.

Uniform can be purchased from D.J’s 23 Bank Street Melksham, but many non-badged items can be obtained in the larger supermarkets.  


Shoes must be suitable for school and can be black or brown. Trainers are not appropriate footwear other than for games lessons.


PE kit

Children are expected to have a change of clothing for physical activities. They are expected to change for all PE lessons. For safety and hygiene reasons children will not be able to participate in the work without the correct kit. Long hair should be tied back for physical activities.


Indoor Kit: This consists of a white T-shirt and plain coloured shorts. Royal blue shorts are available with other items of school uniform. Children may work in bare feet or daps (plimsolls). Daps (plimsolls) must be worn if the child is suffering from a verrucca or other contagious foot ailment.


Outdoor games kit: The indoor games kit may be worn outside with appropriate footwear (elasticated daps are advised for infants) and a change of socks. Children in Key Stage 2 will be expected to use the field/playground in cold and/or wet conditions. They should therefore bring additional warm clothing for cold weather during the Autumn and Spring terms. This may be a track suit, jogging bottoms or simply an old jumper. They may also bring a towel to dry themselves.


Wristbands, Jewellery and Hair Accessories

The wearing of jewellery and wristbands by children is not permitted, although some parents may wish their children to keep a simple stud in pierced ears during the school day. For safety reasons these, along with watches, must be removed by the children before PE or Games lessons. Alternatively, the studs may be covered with pieces of medical tape. This must be provided by the children and checked by the teacher before the child is allowed to take part in PE lessons. 


If your child brings a watch or any other item of jewellery to school they do so at their own risk. The school will not compensate parents or pupils for lost watches or jewellery. Any hair accessories must be functional rather than purely decorative and those worn as fashion items (eg hair braids) are not permitted.