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Sports Grant

The government has given a considerable grant to schools to help with the promotion of physical exercise.


Bowerhill School spends the grant carefully with the aim of building a sustainable increase in the opportunities for PE and in the skills taught to children. 


In the first years of the Sports Grant, we focused on developing the gymnastic ability of our children by providing intensive training for our teachers. Moonraker Gymnastics provided coaches to teach lessons alongside our teachers, eventually handing the teaching back to the teachers while they observed. A skills progression programme was introduced from the British Gymnastics Association coaching materials.


With gymnastics teaching much improved, we turned our attention to Dance. In2Sport have followed the same model as above, teaching lessons whilst the teachers observed and then switching round. 


 In 2017/18 we will be focussing again on gymnastics teaching to ensure that the teaching and skills are embedded.


PE is led by a teacher with subject responsibility, but at Bowerhill School we also provide administrative support for the PE Subject Leader to help with the coordination of teams and events.


A detailed account of our spending of the Sports Grant over the past year is available here.

Sports Grants 2016/17 Expenditure and Impact

Sports Grants 2017/18 Expenditure and Impact

Sports Grants 2018/19 Expenditure and Impact