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Welcome to Bowerhill Primary School where we are proud of our school, our pupils and their successes.


Through an exciting curriculum, we give our children enjoyable opportunities to gain the skills they need to achieve success in life. We want children to relish challenges, be keen to learn about the world and be confident in their abilities.


We know that parents are the main educators of their children.  Children benefit greatly from their parents and their school working closely together; sharing aims, progress and achievements


If there are questions which you would like to ask, please do not hesitate to contact the school.  You may also wish to visit the 'Parents Zone' section of our website, where you will find school policies and other information. 

If you wish to visit the school while it is in session, please contact Louise, Tracy or Dawn to arrange a tour or a meeting with the Headteacher. You can telephone 01225 700964, send an email to admin@bowerhill.wilts.sch.uk or make contact via our website www.bowerhill.wilts.sch.uk

Andrew Matthews

The Aims of Our School

Experience Success ↔ Build Aspiration


We want our school to be a safe and happy place where children and adults enjoy learning.

Our school community will promote and exemplify the core values of

honesty, respect for others, adherence to rules, patience and tolerance.


  • We will care for each other and those beyond our school, especially those less fortunate than ourselves.


  • We will look after our environment and learn how to care for the wider world.


  • We want everyone in our school to enjoy their work, have opportunities to celebrate and experience success, develop skills and build self-confidence.


  • We want the children to make good progress along a structured curriculum. We will remain aware of their abilities by monitoring learning and planning our teaching carefully and consistently.


  • We want to maintain a high quality, stimulating environment for learning which fully utilises current technology.


  • We aim to keep all learners aware of their progress. Everyone regardless of their ability need to know that they are moving forward.


  • We will encourage children and adults to accept challenges and help them to persevere with difficult tasks, learn from their mistakes and take pride in their achievements.


  • As we are not a faith school, we will not promote a belief in the supernatural beyond the suspension of disbelief as part of storytelling and theatre. However, in line with British Values, we will teach an understanding and respect for the beliefs of others.


  • We believe that children will benefit from parents and the school working together - sharing aims, achievements and concerns openly. We aim to involve parents in their children’s school work and keep them informed about their child’s progress.


  • We want the work of our school to be central to the Bowerhill community. We aim to involve members of the community in our work, publicise our successes locally and involve ourselves in projects which benefit the local community.


British Values

These aims incorporate and reflect British Values of tolerance, fairness, respect for other faiths, respect for rules and the role of democracy in society.

Our School Council will play a key role in promoting these values, alongside our PSHE and RE teaching and which form a major part of Social, Moral Spiritual and Cultural education.


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