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Year 3 Maple & Walnut Class Update Term 3 Week 1

14 January 2020
Year 3 Maple & Walnut Class Update Term 3 Week 1

On Friday 10th January the archaeologist Ben Welbourne came to show Y3 some artefacts from the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age.

We were able to touch all the things Ben brought from the museum. We examined them very carefully, even sniffing some of them.

Ben also showed us how to make a thumb pot. It is called a thumb pot because it is your thumb that makes the hole in it. These pots did not stand up on a table. That’s because Stone Age people did not have tables to put pots on, they held them in their hand.

We really enjoyed Ben’s visit and are now looking forward to visiting Stonehenge on 22nd January.

We saw a horse’s tooth from the Stone Age, a piece of flint, and attempted to build Stonehenge.

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