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Developing Our School’s Core Values

13 February 2020
Developing Our School’s Core Values

Bowerhill Primary School is built on a foundation of values that are promoted throughout the school and permeate everything we do. These values are an integral part of school life and education, as well as the growth and moral development of our pupils.

We want to become a values-based education (VbE) school, which will be discussed in more detail in my next blog. Currently, we are looking to develop our core values in conjunction with our school community, and we will be asking all stakeholders for their views to enable us to do this.

Under my headship, the values we choose will be emphasised, and everyone involved with the school will be encouraged to exemplify them at every opportunity. In doing so, we will establish a caring school atmosphere and an excellent learning environment that is conducive to education and success.

Rachel Skates

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