At Bowerhill Primary School, our motto is "Experience Success - Build Aspiration”. We aim to inspire children to aim high, and we are certain that, through our exciting curriculum, we give children enjoyable opportunities to gain the skills they need to achieve success in life.

Our school is at the heart of the local community. The village hall shares our site and the core church meets in our school on Sundays. The school makes good use of the local environment and we have established links with local organisations such as The Wiltshire School of Gymnastics, Core Church, Queensway Chapel & Children’s Centre, and, of course, Melksham Oak Community School.

Several of the above organisations have offered services and events to the community at our school. Parenting classes, church services, art exhibitions, public consultations, and a variety of concerts are frequently based at Bowerhill Primary School.

People who support the school include the school nurse, the doctors, social workers, road safety officers, community police officers, and firefighters.