Extracurricular Activities & Music Lessons

In addition to the main curriculum, there are activities organised as a valuable extension to the school day.

Our early morning club offers a range of indoor and outdoor activities for the children of parents who need to leave for work early. Our after-school club provides a secure and enjoyable place for children to wait until their parents can collect them.

All children at Bowerhill Primary School are offered the chance to learn a musical instrument. These lessons are organised by the school, but are paid for by parents. Children can learn the guitar, woodwind instruments, the piano, or the drums.

There are a range of before and after schools which change on a termly basis. These are run by teachers or a sports provider called PH Sports. These will be communicated to parents in the term before they start.

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Why Join a Club?

Young people’s skills start to grow and evolve from an early age, and their time at school plays a significant role in shaping their attributes and personality. By taking part in our after-school clubs, students enhance their social skills and enjoy spending time with other children outside of the classroom. They also develop a range of other attributes, depending on which club they attend.

The children get to work in mixed year groups in our cookery club, where they learn basic cooking skills and improve their team work, respect and understanding. It's always a big hit!

Years 4-6 also get to be part of Eco club, where they get to share ideas about how to improve the school environment and eco friendliness.

West Wilts Dance Festival

This year's West Wilts Dance Festival theme was 'Movies' and our Year 6 group of 2024 chose to create a Grease themed dance. The Pink Ladies and the T Birds put on an outstanding show and we were so very proud of them! The way they represented Bowerhill School was absolutely exemplary! Well done to you all - you are amazing.

Can't wait to find out about next year's theme and see who wants to take part in what is a fantastic experience.

Bath University Athletics Quad kids

On Wednesday 22nd May at the West Wilts Quad Kids championship held at Bath University! All the children represented the school wonderfully and were praised highly by other school's teachers for their fantastic manners and great sportsmanship. The children all took part in 4 individual events; 75m sprint, standing long jump, howler throw and 600m run. This was followed by a team relay. There were some fantastic individual performances and lots of very proud children and parents! The team finished in 7th place overall! Well done everyone!

St Lawrence's Dodgeball tournament

We took 8 year 5 pupils to St Lawrence's class to compete in a dodgeball tournament. All the children had never represented the school before and did phenomenal job in dip, diving and dodging! They were polite and well spoke throughout the day and got fully stuck in to all of the activities and games. Well done everyone!

Future of Football School's League

We were delighted to enter teams in Years 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 for the inaugural Future of Football School's League on 10th and 11th October. The boys and girls represented the school beautifully and showed excellent teamwork and sportsmanship.

8 schools entered teams, split into 2 teams of 4. Each team plays all the other teams in the pool before the 1st place teams from each pool play each other, 2nd placed play each other and so on to determine the final standings.

All team performed incredibly well with year 4 and year 6 finishing top of their pools! Well done everyone!

As we go through the year, there will be 2 other tournaments and we will be using them as an opportunity to allow different children the opportunity to represent the school!