At Bowerhill Primary School, we have some of the finest teachers and teaching staff in the country. They are highly motivated, committed, and passionate about providing our pupils with the best education possible.

Senior Leadership Team

Chris Light - Headteacher, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, Designated Teacher for Looked After Children

Rachael Amor - Deputy Headteacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead, SENCo, Teacher

Gemma Summers - Early Years Leader, Teacher

Hannah Polan - Teaching and Learning Leader (core curriculum)

Admin Staff

Our admin team will deal with everyday queries from parents and members of the public in the school office and on the telephone

Tracy Alder - Senior Pupil Services Officer

Louise Gregory - Pupil Services Administrator

Fiona Futcher - Pupil Services Administrator

Teaching and Teaching Support Staff

Early Years

Gemma Summers - Early Years Leader, Teacher

Rachael Amor - Assistant Principal, Designated Safeguarding Lead, Teacher

Sophie Dodd - Teacher

Abi Mayo - TA

Amy Perrott - TA

Year 1

Catherine Williams - Teacher

Danielle Hook - Teacher

Cara Rockley - TA

Michelle Stevenson - TA

Year 2

Rosie Bridger - Teacher

Emma Chipper - Teacher

Cathy Hunt - TA

Jacqui Chivers - TA

Year 3

Hannah Morgan - Teacher

Ben Davies - Teacher

Wendy Carter - TA

Mel Metcalfe - TA

Year 4

Sarah Bain - Teacher

Tia Goddard - Teacher

Marie-Anne Amos - TA

Maria Black - TA

Jasmine McHale - TA

Year 5

Jess Wicks - Teacher

Nicy Clayton - Teacher 

Poppy Hammond - Teacher

Jenny Allen - TA

Jamie Stuart - TA

Year 6

Hannah Chivers - Teacher

Hannah Polan - Teacher

Rachel Adams - Teacher/TA

Debbie Webber - TA

Other Teachers

Al Guest - Music teacher

Eliza Newth (maternity leave)

Jemma Goulding (maternity leave)

Pastoral Support Team:

Chris Light - Pastoral lead

Sam Brailey - Family Support Adviser, ELSA

Gemma Summer - Thrive Practioner

Jamie Stuart - ELSA

Lunch Time Staff

Lisa Crook - Senior MDSA

Jamie Stuart - Senior MDSA

Maria Black - MDSA

Jacqui Chivers - MDSA

Mel Metcalfe - MDSA

Marie-Anne Amos - MDSA

Amy Perrott - MDSA

Nazma Islam - MDSA

Annette Mizen - MDSA

Sue Henwood - MDSA

June Milford - MDSA

Claire Reader - MDSA

Andrea Brown - MDSA

Kim Hoarse - MDSA

Early Morning and After School Clubs Team

Mel Metcalfe

Nazma Islam

June Milford

Lisa Crook

Annette Mizen