School Times From September 2023

Children may enter the classroom for tabletop activities at 8:35 a.m. ready for a 8:45 a.m. start.

Key Stage 1 (Reception - Year 2) Key Stage 2 (Year 3 - Year 6)

8.45am - 10.30am

8.45am - 10.45am



10.45am – 12.00pm

11.00am – 12.00pm



1.00pm - 3.15pm

1.00pm - 3.15pm

Total number of hours per week: 32.5

(Key stage 1 teachers may decide to give their children an afternoon break between 2:15 p.m. and 2:30 p.m.)

N.B. There is no break for KS1 in the afternoon on Fridays.

Term Dates 2023-24

Detailed below are the term dates for the 2023-24 school year. Please book family trips and holidays outside of school time. If you book a holiday during school time or need to register an absence for any other reason, please complete an Absence Request Form. Please be aware that you may be issued with a penalty notice of £60 per child, per parent, for time off taken during school time.

Terms Term Dates
Term 1 4th September - 18th October 2023
Term 2 30th October - 19th December 2023
Term 3 4th January - 9th February 2024
Term 4 19th February - 28th March 2024
Term 5 16th April - 24th May 2024
Term 6 3rd June - 24th July 2024

2023-24 TD Days (School closed to pupils)

During each school year, schools select five days when they close for staff training events. These are known as ‘teacher development (TD) days’. At Bowerhill School, we usually join these days onto holidays to minimise disruption for parents and children. We will also advise you of the content of the TD days so that you know that your additional child care is being put to good use.

This academic year, the remaining TD days will be on the following days:

  • 1st September 2023
  • 9th October 2023
  • 20th December 2023
  • 15th April 2024
  • 8th July 2024

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