Over the past couple of weeks we’ve had the pleasure of inviting Tom Porter, an independent financial advisor, from St James’ Place into the school to teach our Year 6 pupils all about finance! Tom Porter works with individuals and business owners to help them financially plan for long term success. It has been amazing to have the opportunity to invite him to talk and do workshops with our Year 6 pupils.

St James’ Place is an investment management company based in Gloucestershire. They have over 20 offices around the United Kingdom and are a combined advisor, fund manager, and life insurance business.

We’ve decided to put Bowerhill Primary School’s new financial advisors to the test! Bowerhill PTA are giving our Year 6 pupils £500 to use to fundraise for something of their choosing to leave behind as a gift to the school. Our Year 6 have to group all of their newly learnt financial knowledge to make a decision on what the school should invest this money into. Thanks to Tom, we’re sure we’ve made the right decision and our financial advisors will spend the money wisely!