We are delighted to announce that Bowerhill has achieved some fantastic SATs results this year. We are extremely proud of all our pupils, and we would like to take this opportunity to share their results with you.

Our SAT results are as follows:

  • Reading = 79% with 25% of pupils working within a greater standard (GDS)
  • Writing = 77% with 15% GDS
  • Maths = 79% with 18% GDS
  • Grammar, Punctuation, and Spelling (GPS) = 84% with 25% GDS
  • Combined (pupils reaching the expected standard in all reading, writing, and maths)= 64% with 5% GDS

These results are wonderful and represent a vast improvement over the previous year's academic results. For example, reading has improved by 25% from last year. The rest of our subjects follow a similar pattern, with writing improving by 13%, maths by 18%, GPS by 25%and science by 5%. The difference we are most proud of is the combined measure with an improvement of 19%.

In order to make these improvements, our leadership team has worked hard over the past academic year to revamp our curriculum. The school has also implemented a subject tutor who has worked primarily with our Year 6 class. Finally, the significant improvement in our reading results is due to the changes we have made to our teaching approach.

We have also outperformed many other schools, locally and nationally, which has resulted in our SATs results being higher than the national average for attainment. For further reference, here are the national expected standard figures for each subject:

  • Reading = 73%
  • Writing = 71%
  • Maths = 73%
  • GPS = 72%
  • Combined = 59%

We are ecstatic that the delivery of our school’s core curriculum has set the children on a good course towards excellent outcomes at GCSE which will open many more doors for their future. We are phenomenally proud of the children and their hard work. Congratulations to all of our Year 6 pupils and the Bowerhill staff team.