Our year 6 pupils are truly amazing! Through a great deal of planning and determination, they were able to successfully run their very own school fair on July 11, 2023!

In preparation for the event, the pupils received financial training from Thomas Porter Wealth Management. The workshops taught the children all of the skills they needed to run a successful event.

After their training, the children took on the challenge of designing and running the school fair from start to finish. They advertised the event, spoke to vendors, calculated profit margins, created the stalls and games (such as hook the duck and soak the teacher), exchanged money for tokens, and much more. Their hard work and dedication paid off, as the fair was a huge success.

The children raised over £1,700 by running the fair. After our PTA has recouped their investment, we will have over £1,200 to spend on our legacy project. Year 6 has decided to spend this money on new playground equipment for the children to enjoy during their lunches next year. This is an extremely generous gesture, considering that they will be starting secondary school next year.

Last year, we consulted parents about what they wanted their children to learn and experience at Bowerhill. Learning about the value of money and having real-world experiences were a big part of their feedback. This is an example of how we are bringing these authentic experiences to life!

A huge thank you is in order to our wonderful school community for supporting our year 6s and turning their ideas into the success it was.