At Bowerhill, we aim for all children to become confident, enthusiastic, critical and independent readers and writers and to equip them with the necessary skills to understand and respond to a range of literature. We want all children to become effective readers and writers by providing a range of opportunities for pupils to experience and engage with a range of literature, to be excited by books and show their creativity through drama and written work.

We believe every child is capable of achieving in English. We follow a 3-phase approach to reading and writing, which link closely together through the unit and support children's vocabulary and background knowledge of the world. The children spend two weeks engaging with and exploring the text, learning writing skills and applying these to shorter pieces of writing, before spending the final phase planning, orally rehearsing, writing and editing an end of unit outcome. Each term, the children follow a fiction and non-fiction unit, meaning they experience a range of genres and revisit previously taught skills and text types.


At Bowerhill, we follow Little Wandle Letters and Sounds revised for the teaching of phonics.

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